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Bi-mix contains:
30mg/ml papaverine hcl  USP1mg/ml phentolamine mesylate,  in a sterile bacteriostatic solution 

                                                                         prices:   5ml $60.00  10ml $80.00
                                                                         supplied in a 10cc glass syringe vial
                                                                         keep cool, but do not freeze


One of the first compounds used successfully for intracavernosal treatment of impotence is papaverine hydrochloride. Papaverine is an opium alkaloid and works as a smooth muscle relaxer possibly by cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase inhibition. It relaxes the musculature of the vascular system of the penis and increases blood flow. The effectiveness of papaverine hydrochloride injection depends on the dose, but has been reported to cause penile hematoma, elevated liver enzymes, priapism and lightheadedness in some patients, particularly if over-used. The free base of papaverine has been tried as a topical agent in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In concentrations up to 20%, it was not sufficiently effective for clinical use.. 

Another compound found effective in treating impotence is phentolamine hydrochloride or phentolamine methane sulfonate (phentolamine mesylate),. Phentolamine free base is a nonspecific alpha-adrenergic antagonist and has been successful in inducing penile erection, particularly when used in combination with papaverine. This combination was found to produce greater vasodilation of the arteries of the penis than either phentolamine or papaverine used alone. 

Another compound found useful in the treatment of impotence is prostaglandin E.sub.1, a naturally occurring compound that acts to increase arterial inflow to the penis and may also restrict venous outflow. Prostaglandin E.sub.1 is preferred to other compounds used in injections for the treatment of impotence because it is metabolized locally in the penis and is less likely to cause systemic symptoms such as hypotension. Further, use of prostaglandin E.sub.1 has been found to result in a significantly lower incidence of penile hematomas from injections than either papaverine or phentolamine. However, prostaglandin E.sub.1 is considerably more expensive than other therapies and causes pain distal from the site of injection. 

    bi-mix for research purposes only................NOT for injection

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